Hi, I’m Sandra Stevenson. I founded Stevenson Consulting with one simple realization: small purpose-driven organizations require professional, experienced management every bit as much as the big ones … maybe more.

Does this ring a bell:

  • Your operations have hit the tipping point where volunteers are overwhelmed by both governing and doing
  • Staff transition is on the horizon and you require capable management to navigate this time of change
  • You are short staffed and need time limited staff expansion
  • Elements of your operations require improvement and/or ongoing management

I can help.

With many years experience managing simple to complex operations, programs and services, I’ve pretty much done it all - but my superpower is figuring it out. No two organizations, processes or situations are the same. The depth and range of experience that I will bring to your organization informs how together, we will approach your unique opportunities and challenges.

I will meet you where you are to manage, stabilize, and transform your purpose-driven organization.


M.A., Public Administration

Project Management Certificate